Thursday, 15 January 2015

Makeup Revolution Salvation Palette Review - Girls On Film!

Late to the game, I had somehow not tried any Makeup Revolution products until that fateful Christmas morning when I found some gems tucked away in my stocking, and I was very excited to give them a whirl.

If like me, you are new to Makeup Revolution, here's the basic low-down... A fairly new company (launching March 2014), the London based company's ethos is to create affordable, cruelty-free, and innovative makeup and skincare for people, catering to a large variety of skin colours and tones (Their 'The One Foundation' comes in 16 shades which is great for a cheaper drugstore brand). A great variety of products are available, especially for such a new company, with everything from nail polish to skincare covered.

Products start from just £1 and claim to contain only the finest ingredients.

To read more about Makeup Revolution check out their website and online store HERE

For now, let's put the spotlight on the Girls On Film eyeshadow palette.

For the £6 price tag, you will get 18 gorgeous eyeshadows - 12 shimmering metallics and 6 matte shades, including pale pinks and taupes, rich bronze colours, deep plums and navys, and dark matte greys and blacks.

These designs are familiar to most of us now, with MUA and Sleek offering up their incredibly popular, purse friendly palettes, which I am a sucker for. The Makeup Revolution offerings come middle of the price range here, but the quality of the palette itself feels like the best bang for your buck. I love having palettes to pop in my makeup bag and have a variety of shades at my fingertips on the go.
 However,  I have lost many a lid to broken hinges, leading to the dreaded 'tuck it against the side' or 'if I just face two broken palettes face to face...' makeup bag disasters and a fair amount of product mess and wastage. 

The Makeup Revolution one feels sturdy and solid in comparison, and I find the overall look of the packaging more attractive to look at - It gives off a sense of quality far beyond it's pricing. Not forgetting of course, the lovely big mirror (and one of those cheap applicators that I'd lost within minutes).

Now onto what truly matters, what's inside. 

I really like the mix of shimmery shadows and matte colours, and this gives you more to work with if this was your eyeshadow staple on the go. The colour range is fantastic, whilst nothing too bold and all fairly earthy shades, I would truly use each and every one, which I can't say of many of my other palettes (I LOVE the darker bronzes and the dark plum). 

The shimmery shades definitely have a better colour pay off and intensity than the matte, whether this is to do with the different presentation of them I am not sure. The pigment in them applies really well on the eye, and the texture is gorgeous - soft and clump-free. I have also found in the past some cheaper eyeshadows effect the colour of my eyeliner throughout the day, this was no problem here. Some touching up is necessary if you're wanting it to last all day, but nothing leaving you looking like you just did a dodgy job in the first place.

There is a good variety of matte colours in there too. some more muted, neutral shades which would be great for a basic eye makeup if you weren't feeling up to the glitter that day, a good brown that can be used for eyebrows or some softer lining, and a black and grey for a bit of smokeyness. 

I am loving the Girls On Film palette lots, and it truly is a daily go-to at the moment, if you're looking for a budget friendly, fairly neutral palette then I would absolutely recommend it!

Thanks for reading & be sure to let me know your thoughts or other recommendations I should try from the brand!

Coming up... Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Palette Sugar and Spice Review!


You can get your hands on the Girls On Film palette in many Superdrug stores, on the Superdrug Website, or the Makeup Revolution Website.

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