Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Palette - Sugar and Spice Review

Late to the game, I had somehow not tried any Makeup Revolution products until that fateful Christmas morning when I found some gems tucked away in my stocking, and I was very excited to give them a whirl.

If like me, you are new to Makeup Revolution, here's the basic low-down... A fairly new company (launching March 2014), the London based company's ethos is to create affordable, cruelty-free, and innovative makeup and skincare for people, catering to a large variety of skin colours and tones (Their 'The One Foundation' comes in 16 shades which is great for a cheaper drugstore brand). A great variety of products are available, especially for such a new company, with everything from nail polish to skincare covered.

Products start from just £1 and claim to contain only the finest ingredients.

To read more about Makeup Revolution check out their website and online store HERE

Now, let's talk about the Ultra Blush Palette...

The Ultra Blush Palettes come in at £6 (the same, very reasonable, price as the Salvation Eyeshadow Palettes) for 8 blushes. My particular one (Sugar and Spice) includes a variety of matte and shimmery blushers, pinks, corals, bronze/brown shades, and two merged baked blushers.

The first two blushers are brown shades, a deeper, orange based brown, and a subtler tan tone. These cater to different skin tones brilliantly. Even with my very pale skin, the lighter colour can be used as a great contour and will be a go-to in Summer when I want a bit of bronzing. Both are great for contouring as they have no (visible to me anyway) shimmer. I found it a bit odd that the palette has no mention on the inner case about contouring, when the outer packaging (a lovely matte black box which I quickly discarded off in a Christmas Day present opening frenzy) is clearly named as a Blush and Contour Palette - once out of it's original box there is no mention of contouring in sight.

Next, there's two dark reddy pink shades (also matte). Whilst looking a little intimidating in the pan, they can be sheered out really nicely, and built up to match the rosiness you're after.

The hot pink and coral shades are my favourite of the six matte products. The hot pink, light and wearable, creates a lovely warmth on the skin without leaving you red faced. For me, it's that perfect 'just come in from the cold' colour, but I think it will also work wonderfully for a pop of colour in Spring/Summer. The peachy coral blush is just gorgeous. I have slightly red undertone on my cheeks so am sometimes wary of putting pink on them and tend to favour peachy tones instead. This shade reminds me a lot of Marissa Cooper's makeup in The OC (yes, I've been on a rewatching binge lately), all naturally peachy and sunkissed. I will definitely be using this a lot when the warmer weather hits.

Finally, we have the two merged baked blushers - one a frosty pale pink, the other a deep rosy pink - both packed with shimmer. I don't know if I'll get a lot of wear out of the darker pink, even though it is beautiful, it doesn't suit my skin colour particularly well, but if it suits you then consider me forever envious! The paler one, however, doubles as a beautiful highlighter. Not too frosty or obvious when applied, it just leaves a shimmery sheen in it's wake.

All the products in the Sugar and Spice palette are really nicely pigmented and have a good pay off on the skin. I'm really eager to try the All About Bronze and Golden Sugar palettes as I feel they'd suit my makeup style more. That said, these are a great selection of powder blushes to have in your collection and can be made wearable throughout the year, and for the £6 price tag I would definitely recommend giving them a go if you're into your cheeks.

Thanks so much for reading, and please let me know your opinions or recommendations!


Makeup Revolution products are available in most larger Superdrug stores, on the Superdrug website or on the Makeup Revolution site.

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