Saturday, 9 June 2012

George Lash X-Tend Mascara!

I had never tried any of the George by ASDA cosmetics, and wasn't really aware how large the range was. So when I was in ASDA recently, and in need of a new everyday mascara, so I thought I'd take a look at the George mascaras on sale. I'd bought the NYC Showtime Waterproof Mascara a month or so ago, but I'm not a big fan of wearing waterproof mascaras everyday as I can find them tough to remove and therefore a bit irritable to my eyes.
I picked up the George Lash X-Tend Mascara in the colour Intense Black, which retails for £2.50, which I think is a great price. The product claims to be a 'lengthening mascara with precision wand for dramatic lash building effect'. I'm not normally a fan of these thin, plastic 'precision' wands, normally opting for large brushes, but I wanted something that I could make look quite natural, yet effective in the Summer when I want to be out and about without a full face of make-up.
I think this product does a fantastic job at lengthening, especially for the price, and it left my lashes looking defined. As for the claim to have a 'dramatic lash building effect', I'm not so sure. I would say it builds the lashes up, but the effect from this looks a bit clumpy, and I was left having to separate my lashes to stop it looking like I just had four very thick eyelashes. But once I'd run my finger over the underneaths of my lashes to remove some excess product, and to separate, I actually liked the effect the mascara gave. The build up it gives would be great for a night out or a more dramatic eye look.

I'm not certain but it seems, looking at my lashes, that the product has tiny fibres in the formula to build and extend the lashes, which I have seen in more expensive brands before, but not in something at this price, so if that's the case, then I'm very impressed.
I know when I have worn this in warmer weather that there has been a slight transfer onto my lid/brow bone area, but it was nothing that wasn't easily fixed, and possibly preventable with a light coat of powder or powder eyeshadow by the brow bone. This mascara is also available in a waterproof formula which may be better for preventing transfer.

For it's price, I think this is a good buy. I noticed a real difference in my eyelashes and it's versatile in that one coat could leave you with a natural, long lash look, or more coats can build drama. The only reason I'd perhaps not re-purchase is the wand. I find more control in product build up from bristle brushes, but I know the George range has mascaras with bigger brushes so I'd definitely be inclined to give them a go.

Have you tried any of the George make-up range? I'd love to know how you find the other products and if you have any recommendations!


George by Asda Lash X-Tend Mascara - £2.50 from ASDA


  1. I didn't even know George sold makeup so this is all news to me! Looks like a really good mascara. I'll definitely have to check out the line when I next go to Asda :) x

  2. I know! I was on the website earlier to check the price, and some of their products look really interesting, especially if they're all as good quality for the price as this mascara! x

  3. Such bargain, it looks good too ;) I'm doing a topshop giveaway. On my blog and would love you to enter x

    1. Your giveaway looks great! I've just entered :) x

  4. This is a brilliant review, thank you!
    Mascara tends to be so expensive, so I shall definitely be giving this a try at £2.50 :)

    Lucy x

    1. Thanks! :) I'd love to know what their other mascaras are like :) x