Friday, 6 February 2015

My Makeup Bag Must-Haves! - The Base

I find such an abnormal sense of satisfaction when I have a new bag or makeup bag. Part 'OH MY GOD I LOVE SHINY NEW THINGS' and part 'I WILL BE A FANTASTIC NEW ORGANISED PERSON', I'm sure neither is healthy, but nevertheless my excitement at my new Zoella makeup bag is palpable...
Now, I'm fairly certain I don't need to explain to many of you who Zoe Sugg is, or the fact that she released a range of hot property bath and beauty items recently, but she recently added a new makeup bag/pencil case to the collection. The two designs she initially released weren't really my style, but her new 'Just Say Yes' bag is right up my alley, in all it's pastel peach and gold glory.

Inside I like to keep everday essentials I am using at the time, to avoid cracking out my whole makeup collection every morning.

Let's start with face and base.

For a long time Rimmel's Match Perfection was my staple foundation. Light Porcelain is absolutely ideal for my skin tone, which is hard to come by with pale skin. However, when Autumn came around I felt my skin was looking a bit dull and lacklustre so I wanted to give something else a try. I'd tried Rimmel's Wake Me Up foundation a couple of Summers ago and liked it, so thought that could give my skin the pep it needed - And it worked. 

I bought Ivory as I couldn't find Light Porcelain, but it matched well (if not as perfectly as my Match Perfection... But who could expect it to compete with a name like that?). Claiming to give a radiant glow and anti-fatigue effect, I certainly do feel it's livened my skin up, and with a 'Vitamin Moisturising complex' it works a treat for my dry skin.

I apply my foundation with a Real Techniques Buffing Brush, and occasionally pat over my face with a their Miracle Complexion Sponge slightly dampened at the end just to avoid any brush marks.

When it comes to concealer, I'd been a Collection Lasting Perfection girl for a long time... Years in fact, and that's not going to change. But a couple of months ago, I felt like branching out and had long wanted to try some more Soap & Glory makeup. I opted for their Kick-Ass Concealer in Light (still a tad dark for me so I like to keep my Fair Lasting Perfection in there too). 

A three-step plan to conceal anything unsightly - A yellow toned concealer for general face work, a peachy one for concealing those under eye shadows, and a transparent setting powder with 'INSTA-FIX' technology to keep it all in place. 

I really love this concealer. The smooth texture means I'm not left with cakey looking patches on my dry skin, and as someone who doesn't like to use powder for fear of flaking and other horrors, I like that the little powder puff and setting powder allow me to really pinpoint where I want to apply, and it helps keep my concealer locked in a treat... Let's ignore the fact I broke mine...

I like to keep my sample size Porefessional by Benefit in my makeup bag. I don't generally go for primers due to my skin type, but I really like using this just over my nose where I can have visible pores, and on my under eyes and lids just to give my eye makeup that bit more staying power. 

Lastly, brows. I always keep a spoolie in my bag to brush through my brows before and after applying a brow product, which at the moment is my Soap & Glory Arch De Triumph shaping and highlighting crayon. A lovely ashy light brown pencil on one end, and a matte creamy bone coloured highlighter on the other. The shade is perfect, it's a great duo to have on the go. As you can see, mine is well loved and on it's last legs.

So that is my base. I tend to embrace the pale this time of year, and only get out the bronzers on nights out or if I'm feeling particularly ghostly. I'll occasionally dab on some blusher, but I tend to crack them out more as Spring rolls in.

Thank you so much for reading!

I'd love to know you're everyday essentials and makeup bag must haves!


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