Thursday, 14 June 2012

Mini E.L.F Haul!

I had never bought anything from the E.L.F range before, but knowing how popular and purse friendly they are, I thought I'd have a look for a few alternatives for the items in my make-up bag that I was running low on.

Over the weekend, the E.L.F Facebook page had discount codes for free delivery when you spend £10 and also a code to get either an eye shadow from either their Studio or Mineral ranges. I probably wasn't originally going to spend £10, but with delivery normally at £2.95 I thought it was worthwhile to take advantage of this offer.

The main item I was after was a new concealer. I bought the Tone Correcting Concealer in Rosy Beige (£1.50). I normally would have bought the shade Ivory, but it was out of stock and I thought this shade would probably be fine when I am slightly more tanned or even just to use under my eyes.
The next item I went for is the Waterproof Eyeliner Pen (£1.50). I normally use liquid or gel eyeliners as I normally like quite defined eyes, and also I find that pens can dry up pretty quickly. However, I thought this would be great for when I wanted a thinner line and I also love that it's waterproof, so fingers crossed it doesn't dry up too quickly!

I'm a big fan of good eyebrows, and rarely, even on the most minimal of make-up looks, will I go out without my brows filled in a defined a bit. I really like to have a definite shape to my brows so I bought the Wet Gloss Lash & Brow Clear Mascara (£1.50) to keep them in place on nights out or long days, or to just help define them without using a product like a brow pencil or eye shadow to fill them in.

I then wanted a cream eye shadow for the summertime for a more natural, glowing look, so I bought one of the new E.L.F Duo Eye Shadow Creams in 'Sugar Cookie' (£1.50), a shimmery gold colour on one side and a frosted pinky peach colour on the other. I'm very excited to try this as the colours look gorgeous, although there is a bit less product in the pot than I expected.
For quite a while I had wanted a good contour brush, and most people seem to think that the angled brushes are best for the job so I bought the Professional Bronzing Brush (£1.50). Although it's had some mixed reviews, I've never had a good brush suitable for contouring really so I'm excited to see how it works and what effect it gives.

At this point my basket was at £7.50 so I wanted something around £2.50 or more to qualify for the free delivery and eye shadow. I went for a nail polish as I love nail polish and am always keen to try new colours and formulas. I didn't have any pink colours, so I decided to buy Passion Pink (£2.50). I actually prefer the colour a lot more in real life than the one shown on the website. It's a lot brighter in real life and from the bottle it seems to have a beautiful metallic gold running through it.

For the free eye shadow I opted for a Studio shadow but you couldn't select a colour so it was a bit of a lucky dip. I was sent the Single Eyeshadow in the colour Totally Teal. I'm not too excited about the colour, not because it's not pretty, it's a lovely vibrant teal, but I just would have preferred a more wearable shade. But in the summer I may use it to line my lower lashes so hopefully it will get some use.

I'm looking forward to trying and reviewing my purchases and hope they're a good quality for their brilliant price!


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(Sorry for the poor photo quality, my camera on my phone has decided to hate me!)


  1. Cute haul, I love the colour of the free eyeshadow.

    1. Thanks :) It's a gorgeous colour and really nicely pigmented. Definitely a great freebie x

  2. i dont think the photos are bad at all!

    elf products are so cheap arent they? love it

    hope you give my blog a visit

    Gem xxx

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I can't believe I hadn't given elf a go before. Definitely think I'm a fan so far :)
      Love the blog :). Thanks for commenting x

  3. Hi Sarah!
    Firstly woaaaah I did not know Elf was cheap! This is just the same as when I found out Sleek palettes were so purse friendly.. I just imagine that much raved about products are really expensive!
    Also, hello! I like your blog and so shall follow! I kept seeing you commenting on blogs I was commenting on haha!
    Please take a peep at my blog!

    rachael x

    1. oh wait I can't - you don't have a follower gadget! ah!

    2. Hi! I was really pleased with the amount of products I got for my money! It's great, especially when they have the discount codes going on Facebook.
      I'm a big fan of the Sleek palettes too. Cheap and great quality eyeshadows.
      Ooops! Thanks for letting me know about the gadget! Hopefully it's fixed now!
      Love your blog by the way, especially your hauls :) x

    3. Thank you! And I'm glad you added the gadget haha! x

  4. I never knew they did a waterproof eye liner pen, how cool! Also loving the colour of the freebie eye shadow you could create a really fun look with that! x

    1. I'm excited to try out a few different looks with the eyeshadow and see how it works out :) x