Monday, 4 June 2012

Glamour and Benefit!

I buy Glamour magazine most months, although not religiously, but when I saw that they were going to be giving away Benefit samples with the July 2012 issues, I knew I had to grab a copy.
I feel like Glamour used to have free gifts with the magazine itself a lot more regularly, and they don't seem to have had one for a while (although I might have just missed them).
I had heard great things about the Benefit BADgal Lash Mascara, and as it's not a product I'd normally consider due to price, I was very keen to snap up a sample size worth £10 (0.14oz, a full size tube is 0.3oz) with my Glamour for just £2.

I've been trying out the mascara for a few days, and have to say I love it. So many mascaras leave my lashes clumped together and feeling heavy with product, whereas while this defined my lashes well and was buildable, it didn't leave a single clump. It just left me with natural looking long and fluttery lashes.
The brush was nice and big and bristley, which I like cos I'm not a fan of the more spidery look you tend to get from the thin plastic brushes.

It didn't wear off, or leave me with transfer marks on my eyelid, and I used it on my bottom lashes with no problems or transfer whatsoever. Yet, it was also so easy to remove. I sometimes find I'm really scrubbing at my eyelashes trying to removed product, and can still wake up with panda eyes, even when I thought I'd cleansed thoroughly.
At the moment I wouldn't be spending £16.50 on a mascara, but if I could afford to, I definitely would buy this one. So if it's in your budget and you're looking for a good mascara, I'd recommend this wholeheartedly!

The other free gift options were the Porefessional Primer, which is supposed to minimise the appearance of pores for a smoother foundation base, and "that gal" Brightening Face Primer. I might even have to pick up another copy of Glamour with one of these samples!

Let me know if you tried the other free gifts and what you thought!


Glamour Magazine retails for £2 from most UK newsagents, supermarkets and other shops that sell magazines.

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