Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter!

I finally caved and treated myself to one of the new Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butters while they were £2 off in Boots.

I opted for the shade Tutti Frutti, which in the bullet looks a bright orange colour. I wouldn't usually go for orangey tones, but I have a lot of pink and red toned lip colours and thought orange could be a nice change for the summer, and would be something a bit different.
I tend to get very dry lips, and thought the texture was great for that - moisturising and it didn't seem to cling to any cracks or any rough bits on my lips. The formula contains mango, shea and coconut butter and claims to 'boost lip moisture by 156%.

I actually really liked the colour. I'm quite fair skinned so was unsure if the colour would work on me but I really like it. The formula is sheer but buildable for a more bold look, and I think this shade would work really well for a lot of different skin tones and is very versatile.
Because I found this gel formula so great for drier lips I would love to try some of the other shades, and I know this product and some other shades are very popular amongst bloggers and youtubers, however I'm not sure if I would buy another at the full price of £7.99, especially the more generic pink shades where very similar colours can be found in other brands. I also really like the packaging, and that it is the colour of the lipstick, which is really handy for storage and finding it easily.

I am loving Tutti Frutti at the moment, and despite normally being a fan of pink lip colours, this is what I have been wearing every time I've been out since I bought it and I enjoy experimenting with different make-up looks with it.

Let me know how you find the Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butters for you and if you have any recommendations or tips for dry lips!


Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter - £5.99 on offer from Boots (Normally £7.99)


  1. Absolutely adore the orange color, will look super nice in summer! How did you find the wear of the lipstick/balm? Did you had to reapply a lot?

    Btw. I really like your blog, I'm following you! Mind checking out mine? :) x

  2. I thought the wear somewhere in between. It didn't slide off the lips within an hour of wearing it, but it didn't quite have the staying power of more matte lipsticks. But because it's a bright colour it left an orange tone to my lips even if a lot of the product had worn off. If anything I chose to keep reapplying just because I loved it so much!

    Thanks! That's great to hear! I looked at your blog and love it. You can expect a new follower :) x