Wednesday, 23 May 2012

It's Raining Men!

I popped into Lush the other day on the hunt for a new soap/shower gel. I was torn between Honey I Washed The Kids soap or It's Raining Men shower gel as I really love sweet scents, particularly honey and vanilla (although I find it really hard to find any vanilla scented soaps/shower gels in Lush).

After a demo of both and much deliberation, I opted for It's Raining Men, and I was not disappointed!
This smells amazing! In the bottle it smells like pure honey heaven! Then when you use it in the shower it releases not only a gorgeous honey scent, but all these citrusy undertones. The assistant in the shop said it was meant to have an exotic floral scent, but I didn't really pick up on this, which is good as I'm not a huge fan of flowery products.

It's really rich and moisturising, and left my skin smelling beautiful... Love, love, love.
However, I only picked up the 100g bottle (for £4.50) which I don't see lasting too long, and I'm not sure I'd want to keep replacing it at the prices it sells for. But we shall see how we go, and if you can afford it and enjoy these kinds of scents, I heavily recommend it!

Also, I have to say the ladies in Lush (Victoria Station) were absolutely lovely and so keen to help and provide their genuine opinions on preferences, which was refreshing and helps brighten your day when you're waiting on tired feet for a delayed train! They also threw in a free sample sized Honey I Washed The Kids soap anyway, so I'll see how I like that when my shower gel is gone.

Let me know if you know any good vanilla smelling products from Lush, what your faves are, and if you know of any similar cheaper alternatives! I'd love to know!


It's Raining Men Shower Gel -'s-Raining-Men-Shower-Gel-100g
Honey I Washed The Kids Soap -

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